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Tailored Solutions for Small Businesses & Residential Investment Properties

Serving King, Pierce, Kitsap, and Mason Counties in Washington State

We understand what it takes to run a small business and own investment properties in King, Kitsap, and Mason Counties, because we have several of our own.  


Whether you are a single location owner-operated boutique, a landlord looking for property management services, or you have multiple espresso stands around the area, we can help you to grow and improve your business! 


With our local knowledge of customer demographics, local and state issues impacting small businesses and landlords, and managing multiple small businesses & properties of our own, we are in a position to help you move forward.

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Jimmy Harris
President & Co-Founder

Harris Management Services' Food & Retail Segment is led by fellow small business owner, Jimmy Harris.  Jimmy's MBA specializing in Project Management, his diverse background working as a leader in large retail corporations like Amazon,, and zulily, along with his years of experience in starting, purchasing, and managing multiple food & retail outlets in Kitsap County makes him uniquely qualified to bring large-business ideas scaled to work for local small businesses.

In addition to providing consultancy services to help you grow your business, retain your employees, hire the best workers, or improve your workplace morale, Jimmy & team can help with:

  • Negotiating a new lease or extension

  • Direct management services/run your business for you

  • Setting up a new business

  • Restaurant procurement services (in Kitsap County) 

  • Developing a new hire onboarding & training program

  • Mentoring new small business owners

  • Small business human resource support

  • Payroll services

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Michael Harris 
Vice President & Co-Founder 

Harris Management Services' Property Management Segment is led by, Michael Harris.  Michael manages multiple residential properties in Seattle and Mason County, Washington, and has prior property management experience with small commercial properties.  He received his MA in Organizational Development from Sonoma State and has worked for Amazon for more than a decade.  He has years of direct experience with short-term and long-term rentals, as well as multiple tenant properties.  Whether you have a investment home you are looking to find a long-term renter for, or a commercial short-term rental business, Michael can assist you with tenant selection, property maintenance services, tenant management, and getting started on first-time rentals.

In addition to providing consultancy services to help manage your rentals and find/retain tenants, Michael & team can help with:

  • Residential investment property management

  • Landlord/tenant agreements & processes guidance

  • Tenant support and advocacy

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